6 questions to Guillaume Sabathier


Customer Relationship Manager Employee Savings Plan

1.    Could you tell us a little about your career?

" I am 45 years old, with an accountant background, I carried out various interim jobs in the banking sector. I joined the Société Générale group in December 2000, as staff seconded to Employee Savings Plan department. In this entity dedicated to employee savings, I was able to evolve in various positions, such as file manager in charge of repurchase transaction, subscription, dividend, or merger operations, but also as an assistant group manager (in charge of specific operations, adjustments, controls, etc.), then group manager in the “key accounts” division. I was able to support the account manager, ensure relations with client companies, supervise operations, and participate for promotion of the services delivered to clients. Since 2017, I have joined Société Générale Securities Services, still in the very rich environment of Employee Savings Plan. At the Societe Generale Account holder department, I am in charge of Customer Relations for Key Accounts. I organize the collection of subscriptions to capital increases for employees, and organize elections, representatives of unitholders on the supervisory boards of FCPEs, and representing employee shareholders on the Executive Board (ARSA). "

2.   Can you describe your role in three words?

" CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP : Through my differents functions, customer relations and satisfaction have always been at the center of my concerns. The goal is to provide the best solution whatever the customer needs are. I appreciate the exchanges, the "win-win" collaboration and the cross trust which develops over months and years. Supporting my customers is a real source of satisfaction.

REACTIVITY : Whether it concerns hundreds or thousands of employees in France or abroad, collective employee shareholding operations, participation and profit-sharing, or management of elections, are particularly sensitive. Whatever the request or the subject, you must always be available, reactive and adapt to each situation. 

DIVERSITY : On a daily basis, my contacts are very varied: clients in different lines of business, departments within Société Générale, partners, service providers, management companies, other account holders ... And then subjects which are dealt are very various, from the classic employee savings operation to the capital increasing, including elections (call for candidates, online voting, counting), legal questions, or even responses to calls for tender… There is not much respite left but it is a real pleasure.

EXPERTISE : Regarding my role within the service, I would add an hand to this challenge: the expert role. Indeed, my colleagues regularly associate me as a joker when they faced specific issues relating to business subjects around employee savings accounts. It is true that I always enjoy bringing them my knowledge on this subject, which has become over the years, an environment in which I have a good knowledge."

3.    What makes the job worthwhile?

" For a few years, I was woken up by one or the other of my three children but they have grown up. Since I am more a night, it is now my alarm clock that makes me wake up in the morning ! After a quick breakfast, I leave my countryside to join my colleagues in a department where a very family spirit is prevailling. "

4.    Guillaume, what's your motto, your philosophy?

"There are more ideas in two heads than in one"

I can't imagine working alone for a moment. Teamwork, sharing and confronting ideas are a real bonus. Then, with my experience gained in employee savings plans, I am happy when I can help my colleagues."

5.    What are your interests in life?

" I enjoy simple things, being surrounded by my family, my three children, my friends. I also like DIY (Do It Yourself) and gardening, we have a large permaculture vegetable garden. Then sport, now that the kids are a little older and the house has been renovated, I'm spending more time on it. Mountain biking, road cycling, running, the aim is to have fun and if possible, with my friends. Last challenge : the SaintéLyon, a 47 miles race at night, in winter under the rain. At the end, as much satisfaction as pain."

6.    How can you say that you are the future?

"Taking environmental issues into account is the future. Modestly, in my daily personal life, I try to have more sustainable gestures and to teach them to my children. On the professional side, when it is possible, I direct my clients towards more sustainable practices, such as dematerialization in order to limit the use of paper. "