Employee savings scheme celebrates its 50th anniversary


years of history

Did you know ... ? 

Fifty years ago, in 1967, General de Gaulle signed the government order on “distribution of the fruits of businesses’ expansion to employees”, beginning the proud history of employee savings plans.

The aim is simple: pool individual strengths within the company, add a dash of collective spirit and blend until business profits are shared with all employees.

This was followed in France by the appearance of  Company Savings Plans (PEE), then the possibility for the employer to make contributions, collective transactions for profit-sharing and incentive plan and lastly the creation of Collective Retirement Savings Plans (PERCO) in preparation for retirement.

Most recently, the Macron law, making various regulatory changes designed to boost the French economy, harmonised the conditions for making profit-sharing and incentive-scheme payments and promoted the expansion of PERCO retirement plans.

All these developments over time make savings plans a real win-win partnership between the company and its employees, both from a financial viewpoint and in terms of industrial relations. 

To date, approximately 10.5 million employees receive the benefit of one or more employee savings schemes in some 300,000 businesses.

When is your company going to join them?

Feel free to speak to your Societe Generale advisor, who will explain all the benefits of this type of savings plan in a company, or contact us at the following address: esalia.webmaster@sgss.socgen.com.

million employees