5 questions to Bénédicte Courtot


Marketing and Communication Manager

1.    Could you tell us a little about your career?

“I’m 33 years old and I have an engineering degree from the Ecole des Mines de Nancy. It’s quite unusual for someone to go into marketing after studying at an engineering school, but my career and the people I’ve met have led me to develop a keen interest in this exciting field, one in which I can really give free rein to my creativity. After my studies, I worked as a marketing project leader in another bank before joining the Societe Generale group in 2015”.

2.    Can you describe your role in three words?

CREATIVE: what I enjoy most in my job is that we need to be creative and innovative to stand out from the competition and promote our products and services. This means finding impactful solutions while at the same time keeping to budgets and ensuring compliance with applicable regulatory and legal requirements.

CROSS-CUTTING: marketing is a cross-cutting role. We deal with all departments: compliance, legal, finance, product engineering, client relationship, back office, management companies, the network of branches, etc. It’s very rewarding to have so many contacts with such different needs and constraints. For me, it’s an exciting challenge which requires open-mindedness.

ORGANISED: the requirements are many and varied, including producing a video for the BtoB market or a guide for BtoC, sending out a newsletter, organising a customer satisfaction survey, etc. All of these projects need to be managed, often simultaneously, so you need to be well organised and have a clear overview as a project leader”.

3.    What gets you out of bed in the morning?

“My daughter! She’s a year old now and gets up every day at 6:50 AM. Each morning, after dropping her off at the creche, I always look forward to getting to work to meet up with my co-workers. I love chatting with them. We don’t always agree, which is completely normal, but the atmosphere’s always great and we get along fine when discussing work. In short, I love my team!”

4.    Bénédicte, what’s your motto, your philosophy?

“I often say: ‘If you want to do it you can do it’. I’m a very determined person by nature and in our work, which is related to perception and communication, you often come up against obstacles which are not necessarily very clear, requiring you to analyse and understand the situation if you want to bring about change. With perseverance, you can overcome anything!”

5.   What are your interests in life?

“I enjoy creating things, whether through sewing, knitting, embroidery or decoration. I’ve always got plenty of ideas but not always enough time to put them all into practice. What’s more, being a young mother is very exciting and this is also something I love”.