Very small businesses

Thanks to these "turnkey" plans, Societe Generale is able to offer an employee savings solution that meets the needs of:

  • the self-employed, tradesmen, shop owners, members of the liberal professions, farmers, and their employees, with the Arcancia Pro employee savings plans.

Two plans are available:

  • The PEI, for medium-term savings (5 years),
  • The PERCO, for pension savings.

Easy to set up

A simplified administrative process. The rules for the inter-company savings plan (PEI) have already been filed with the authorities (the DIRECCTE or labour department).

The company nevertheless retains complete control over its savings scheme. It can:

  • choose the plan(s) that it signs up to and how contributions will be made (i.e. through employer matching contributions, incentive plan payments or profit-sharing),
  • determine the amount of its employer matching contributions, within the legal limits (8% of the Annual Social Security Ceiling for a PEI and 16% for a PERCO),

Diversified financial management

The Arcancia savings plans offer savers a wide selection of investment vehicles suited to their objectives.

The risk-profiled funds cover all risk profiles and horizons, to meet needs ranging from the shortest to the longest term.

Specialised funds allow savers to:

  • secure their savings (Inflation Long Terme, Capital Protégé),
  • invest in specific equity markets (France, Euro mid-cap, Europe Multi-Gérants, Immobilier, Monde Multi-Gérants, Monde Technologie, Actions Europe Ethique et Solidaire).

Savers may opt for:

  • an instalment savings programme, with automatic periodic payments.
  • self management, so that they can choose their investment vehicles themselves.
  • targeted management, so that their savings are automatically allocated according to the date of their project or their retirement.

Specifically tailored administrative management

Account-keeping services are offered by Societe Generale, which:

  • manages all of the collective transactions (e.g. profit-sharing and incentive plan payments) and individual transactions of savers (such as payments and fund switching),
  • provides access to tools for easier employee savings plan management, including online management of the list of beneficiaries and real-time monitoring of employee savings plans.