Cessation of self-employment following liquidation/ conciliation procedure

Early redemption in case of expiry of entitlement to unemployment benefits

According to French law

Deadline: None

Eligible schemes: PERCO (collective retirement savings plan) / PERCOI (inter-company collective retirement savings plan) and PERECO (collective retirement savings plan created by PACTE law) / PERECOI (inter-company collective retirement savings plan created by PACTE law) 

Supporting documents to accompany the redemption request

Trigger event date: date of notice of end of entitlement to unemployment benefits

  • Notice issued by the unemployment office (Pôle Emploi) informing the person concerned that all entitlement to unemployment benefits is exhausted
    • Or Statement of account from the unemployment office (Pôle Emploi) showing amount received and the date entitlement ends or statement of periods when benefits paid
    • Or Notice of eligibility for France’s ARE return to work allowance scheme (Allocation d’aide au Retour à l’Emploi)
  • Certificate of honour guaranteeing the end of unemployment insurance rights

Additional information


The request can be submitted at any time once the end of entitlement notice has been issued.

The notice of eligibility for France’s ARE return to work allowance scheme must specify the date the allowance starts to be paid and the duration (thereby enabling the the unemployment benefit expiry date to be calculated).

Only employees (with a contract of employment) can use these grounds to request redemption.

Excluded events

  • End of employment contract