Repairs following a natural disaster

Early redemption in case of repairs following a natural disaster

According to French law

Deadline: 6 months for the PEE (company savings plan) / None for the PERCO (collective retirement savings plan)

Eligible schemes: PEE (company savings plan) / PEG (group savings plan) / PEI (inter-company savings plan) and PERCO (collective retirement savings plan) / PERCOI (inter-company collective retirement savings plan)

Supporting documents to accompany the redemption request

Trigger event date: date of the damage report submitted to the insurance company Or date of the loss adjuster’s report Or failing these, date of the ministerial order declaring a natural disaster

  • Claim submission to the insurance company
    • Or Insurance loss adjuster’s report


  • Settled invoices relating to structural work on the building (walls, the building frame, roofing, etc), stating the amount and the nature of the work carried out
    • Or Accepted, dated and signed quotes


  • Reference to the order declaring a natural disaster published in France’s official gazette.
    • Or Statement from the mayor of the affected locality giving the reference of the order declaring a natural disaster
    • Or Copy of the order


  • Declaration on honour (attestation sur l’honneur) that the dwelling affected by the claim is the account holder’s main residence and that in the event the repairs are not carried out, the net proceeds of the monies released from the plan will be returned

Additional information


Release takes the form of a single payment, it cannot be phased or paid in instalments.

The monies released must be used only and entirely for financing repair of the main residence.

The amount of the redemption is then equal to the value of accepted quotes or invoices.

Excluded events

  • Repairs to a second home
  • Repairs not requiring structural work to preserve the integrity of the main residence