Early redemption in case of retirement

According to French law

Deadline: None

Eligible schemes: PERCO (collective retirement savings plan) / PERCOI (inter-company collective retirement savings plan) and PERECO (collective retirement savings plan created by PACTE law) / PERECOI (inter-company collective retirement savings plan created by PACTE law) 

Supporting documents to accompany the redemption request

Trigger event date: date retirement taken

  • Statement of eligibility for retirement
    • Or Certificate of retirement pension entitlement 
    • Or Award notice for an old age pension in respect of medical unfitness for work issued by social security

Additional information


Retirement is when the plan normally ends, making the holdings invested available. Holdings of assets can be redeemed all at once or in instalments.

The request can be submitted at any time from the pension (PERCO) liquidation date.

Excluded events

  • Early retirement

Questions / Answers

Yes, the assets in a PEE can be released in the case of the "end of contract" release, the assets in a PERCO or/and a PERECO can be released in the case of the "retirement" release. The statement of eligibility for retirement giving the employment contract end date, enabling the assets held in both a PEE and a PERCO and/or PERECO to be released. Failing this, the beneficiary will need to produce documentary evidence of retirement to secure release of assets held in a PERCO and/or PERECO retirement plan and documentary evidence of the end of the contract of employment to secure release of assets held in a PEE savings plan.