6 questions to Pierre Le Piouff


Customer Relationship and Project Engineering Manager

1.    Could you tell us a little about your career ?

« After obtaining my DESS diploma in Financial Markets Activities at the Lumière Lyon 2 University in 1999, I joined Société Générale Paris, a year later, in the middle office in investment banking services (SG CIB). Then I joined the Nantes site in 2004 on the activities of the Securities Services to finally become Head of custody for foreign securities at the end of this course. In 2009, I chose to turn to commercial activity by becoming Relationship manager for corporate, and this is how I was able to develop a portfolio of varied clients, notably Key Accounts. Today, I have been involved in Société Générale Payroll Savings, since November 2018, as Customer Relationship and Project Engineering Manager. »

2.   Can you describe your role in three words ?

« INNOVATION : in a competitive and evolving environment like in employee savings plans, it is necessary to show imagination to adapt and make a difference.

ORGANIZATION : the situations we live are varied, sometimes complex or with different stakeholders. You must be flexible, consider the particularities of the interlocutors, situations to find the best possible configuration and provide answers, solutions. 

COMMUNICATION : you must be able to explain, give life, energy to ideas and events. It is essential to know how to transform these events into stories and tell them in order to unite and push everyone to action by appropriating them. »

3.    What makes the job worthwhile ?

« My two-year-old son! He wakes up very often before me, but it's a moment of happiness that I enjoy every morning and a real engine to start the day off right ! »

4.    Pierre, what’s your motto, your philosophy ?

« Always see things from the good side !  » You have to know how to be enthusiastic, it is an attitude that is not simple and requires work, practice but thanks to which you come out bigger; even for the most complex subjects there is always something positive and you have to know how to see it. Everything is a challenge and this is where we develop our ability to be innovative. »

5.    What are your interests in life  ?

« I practice a lot of sport, it is an activity that allows you to get away from it all and have fun. Badminton has been my favorite sport for years, but as I get older, I plan to turn to other less physically demanding activities like golf. I also like to read whether it's novels or essays, and art in general fascinates me ! »

6.    How can you say that you are the future ?

« I believe that whatever our age, our experience or our career, we all represent the future in the short, medium or long term. What I can bring is precisely my experience, my vision and my support to create the conditions for tomorrow's developments, whether in my department or for my teams.  »