6 questions to Sylvie Stemmler


Institutional Client Relations for Societe Generale holder department Manager.

1.    Could you tell us a little about your career?


" As a student in Paris, I obtained a master's degree in Business Management. I started in the financial business with a 9-month assignment on the dematerialization of shares, within a brokerage firm. For the record, I first met my current CEO there, who was then working for an audit firm. Handball player for 20 years, I naturally have a sense of teamwork. Endowed with a curious mindset and open to others, these skills naturally led me to management positions within international groups. I spent several years in Paris, where I worked in various positions related to market activities. I have learned a lot, built many skills and achieved professional fulfillment thanks to my last project on the Centralization of multi-currency back-office activities in France. My balance between my family and my work has become a priority. I therefore take the opportunity to join SGSS in Nantes as Head of Securities Transactions in French and foreign currencies at the beginning, then in charge of stock market order flow and transactions. Since 2015, I joined S2E team and I am in charge of Institutional Client Relations for Societe Generale holder department (TCC). In that way, I handlecreating and leading the Customer Relationship. I leverage my managerial experience, functional and hierarchical, my interpersonal skills and my ability to take a step back, to maintain a comprehensive and balance climate in my team."

2.    Can you describe your role in three words?

" CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP : The essence of my mission combines people, dialogue and a good knowledge of the profession. Exchange is essential to build a partnership relationship with the client and the various S2E entities such as Compliance, CIO and Business Teams.

TRANSVERSALITY : In order to guarantee the reliability and the quality of the relations with the Société Générale Account Holder, I need to gain a clear insight of the activity. It is up to me to prepare, such as "a press review", the news of all the teams, which amounts to confronting their needs to build a common project.  

COORDINATION : My role is also to listen to each party and coordinate the requests expressed by the Société Générale Account Holder. The main objective is to meet the expectations and needs of the customer, and to improve their satisfaction. You have to know how to listen to requirements and constraint of each team, in order to organize and build a lasting relationship."

3.    What makes the job worthwhile?

" First, my alarm clock! But it’s the promise of an exciting day that keeps me motivated, whatever the weather! Every day is a discovery... The successes as well as the contingencies, exchanges and meetings with my colleagues and the customers contribute to the richness of my daily life. "

4.    Sylvie, what's your motto, your philosophy?

" Give sense "

"Finding meaning in what I do is part of my DNA and allows me to flourish at S2E. I want to feel useful and offer concrete solutions to clients. Giving sense is also for me, building a climate of trust and being involved every day without failure."

5.    What are your interests in life?

" One of my great passions is traveling, exploring new places, especially through hiking and scuba diving. I also practice sports such as stretching, swimming or even walking : feeling weel in my body and healthing in my head. Finally, sharing simple moments of life with my family and friends is essential."

6.   How can you say that you are the future?

"It lies in my experience and my ability to adapt. I believe in people. I have a real desire to make my knowledge available in order to support employees in the most comprehensive way, but also to participate to the new challenges of tomorrow. In my opinion, we cannot bet everything on technology, even if the future lies in digital technology, this only makes sense if we humanely support these developments. I regularly transpose the importance of a good sense of direction in sports I practice, to the importance of staying in the race in professional life: accompanying, yes, but in the good direction. "