Congratulation Lucile !


A new director for Societe Generale Employee Savings: Lucile Dhenin.

Having been deputy to the former Employee Savings Account Director, it was natural that Lucile Dhenin should take over from Pascal Gourceau, who is moving on to new horizons after more than 2years working in the field of Employee Savings at Societe Generale.

Her appointment reflects the Societe Generale group’s continued desire to support business clients in setting up Employee Savings schemes in their companies. The PACTE law will also be a great opportunity for Lucile and her teams to develop the options and range of services offered both in employee savings and retirement savings. To achieve this, Lucile is counting on support from the Societe Generale group, particularly by establishing new synergies with ASSU, the Societe Generale subsidiary responsible for retirement savings.


In get to know Lucile Dhenin better, eshe agreed to play « 5 questions for … ? » Let’s see how she answered.

1.    Can you tell us about your career ?

« I’m 43 years old and have a degree in engineering from the National University of Chemistry, Biology and Physics in Bordeaux. After working as a consultant for several years, I joined the group in 2011. »

2.   In three words, how would you describe your role?

HUMAN : as next in line to Pascal Gourceau, I learned that this is the most important value in a department and needs to be maintained. Whatever life may throw at us, the teams are particularly close. Team spirit is the strength of Societe Generale Epargne Salariale and I nurture it every day.

HECTIC : I have worked in the Employee Savings sector for more than 10 years and have therefore experienced many changes and reforms, from Sarkozy and Holland premiums to the Macron, Eckert and PACTE laws. The sector is perpetually shifting, making what could seem a rather fusty activity into a competitive sector, where modernity and innovation are the watchwords to win over ever more clients and create new partnerships, as recently with Epsor.x Overall, «  I need things to keep moving ». I don’t like routine and things being pre-established. I like to think outside the box and create new horizons, new perspectives.

VARIED : we are Employee Savings account-holders for our clients, so we work with a wide range of contacts from Management Companies – we work with all Management Companies in the market – to our service providers such as S2E, in which we are the main shareholder, Crédit du Nord, Fédéral Finance, Epsor and many others. And of course we don’t intend to stop there! It’s in our DNA and what makes us unusual as an account-holder: the first to have launched a mobile app, the first to have launched e-statements, the first to have incorporated a fintech, etc … »

3.    What gets you up in the morning ?

« Although I’m not one of those people who find it easy to get up in the morning, I like to get ready by thinking about all the things I have to do in my day, all the challenges to be tackled, the objectives to achieve... I am a woman of action, I have the hunger: the hunger to do, to accomplish things, to take on challenges. I have the need to share, to unite people. I cultivate cohesion, in both my private and professional life. »

4.    Lucile, what is your motto or your philosophy ?

 « Nelson Mandela once said, ‘A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.’ That sums up my philosophy very well. I am quick to lift my head and roll up my sleeves. I’m not afraid of work or effort. There are some days which are an effort and more complicated, but I tell myself that things have a way of working out! »

5.    What are your passions in life ?

« That’s easy – my daughters and sport. Family is very important to me. I always dreamed of having a large family, even though I stopped at two. I like spending time with my daughters, going on excursions, sharing experiences and discoveries, doing activities together, including sports. I regularly do pilates, yoga, swimming and running and whenever possible I also like to do other sports, including tennis, canyoning and mountain biking. That's my balance – having a healthy body in order to have a healthy mind. »