Information concerning updates to employee data


As an employer, you have a duty to ensure the personal data held about your employees is properly up-to-date.

It is essential to ensure that the data in your employee records is up-to-date, in particular the following details:

 Title, surname and first name of the employee
 Postal address for the employee
 Email address used by the employee, if so desired, to receive email notifications about transaction progress or the availability of electronic account statements.

Phone number used by the employee to receive notifications about transaction progress by text message (SMS).

 Employee status – annual account charges are paid either by the company or by the employee depending on the employee’s status.

"US person"– resident in the United States of America
As a result of American regulations and SEC rules on investment services, we have an obligation to place restrictions on employees whose place of residence is within the United States of America.
Such employees cannot make payments into your company’s employee savings plan(s) (incentive scheme bonuses and/or profit-sharing payments cannot therefore be allocated to employee savings schemes). Only share-purchase transactions are permitted. Note: fund switching transactions, defined as following a redemption and a subscription, are also not permitted.
Note that such restrictions will cease once the employee is no longer deemed to be a “US person”.

Please ask your usual contact if you need help updatingyour company’s employee records.