5 questions to Xavier Creuzet


Invoicing officer for Employee Savings Plans.

1.    Could you tell us a little about your career?

“I’m 37 and have a diploma in Business and Administration Management Option Finance and Accounting. After a short experience in mass merchandising as an Accountant Payroll Manager, I joined a bit by chance the Societe Generale Group in 2003 and more particularly the world of Employee savings plans ? Employee savings plans, in which I have been working on three different positions: accounting officer, assistant in charge of clients, then currently in charge of Corporate Invoicing.”

2.    Can you describe your role in three words?

DIVERSITY: this position is made of various missions/tasks: from preparing invoices to collecting them, through legal monitoring, answering questions from our clients about their invoices, … We share with the Back Office teams, the sales people, internal control and the IT department.

ANTICIPATION: Invoicing is an activity with a real customer satisfaction part, it is essential to anticipate problems or complaints that could raise from our customers.

REQUIREMENT: invoicing management is very important for our service regarding our customer relationship . It is essential to be exigent in order to send exact invoices that correspond to the services used by our customers. We manage hundreds of different services for more than 20,000 companies : requirement, correctness and precision are the key words.”

3.    What gets you out of bed in the morning?

“Every day I wake up, without alarm clock: my son who just turned 2 has a good biological clock. I work in a very good state of mind, laughter and good atmosphere are present in our service.”

4.    Xavier, what’s your motto, your philosophy?

“Never give up !”

5.    What are your interests in life?

“Family, Friends, Sport.
I am the father of three young children who need a lot of attention. I like to share a good meal with my family and friends by inviting each other. I also play football in a Sports Leisure team and sometimes tennis with my colleagues at lunch time. The atmosphere is always there. This allows me to meet many people of any horizon, it is very rewarding.”