Mid-sized companies

Societe Generale will provide you with all of the human and technical resources required to set up and efficiently manage bespoke employee savings solutions.

An analysis of your needs

Our teams will help you to think out and set up your savings schemes or to develop them over time:

  • choosing the legal framework (company-wide plan, group-wide plan, etc.),
  • choosing funds, which may or may not be invested in company shares,
  • defining the set-up procedure.

Management of your corporate project

A dedicated project management team is able to help your staff to:

  • define an appropriate timetable and schedule monitoring,
  • coordinate assignments and produce reports on the project's progress,
  • devise a strategy for communication with your employees (including materials and meeting facilitation),
  • train Human Resources teams and members of the Supervisory Board.

Financial management services

Societe Generale offers you a wide range of funds suited to your demands and your employees' expectations:

  • risk-profiled or specialised multi-company funds,
  • dedicated funds, which may or may not be invested in company shares.

Additional services that make savers' lives easier, including custom communications, personalised wealth analysis and targeted management.

Administrative management services

Societe Generale is able to manage all of the administrative processes relating to the setting up, management and monitoring of employee savings schemes, including:

  • collective transactions, e.g. the processing of employer matching contributions, incentive plan payments and profit-sharing,
  • individual transactions, e.g. voluntary payments, fund switching and redemptions initiated by employees,

Tools enabling easier savings scheme management, including:

  • online management of the list of beneficiaries or collective transactions, which is accessible from the dedicated area of the website www.esalia.fr
  • real-time, detailed monitoring of savings plans through the Infocentre, which provides a general overview and payment, fund-switching and redemption statistics.