5 questions to Sébastien Deschamps


Manager of Business Invoicing / Internal Auditing / Management Control in the Societe Generale Employee Savings Plan department.

1.    Could you tell us a little about your career?

“I’m 44 years old. After my Master in information technology, I worked as a project manager in the web development field. I started working for the Societe Generale Group in 2003 and left IT a few years ago to join the Employee Savings Plan Management department”.

2.    Can you describe your role in three words?

« INNOVATION: thanks to my experience from the IT Department (IT and technology section), I’m involved in introducing new technologies and innovative projects in my own organisation. I recently took part in the deployment of electronic invoicing to make life easier for our corporate clients.
I also make a point of instilling a spirit of innovation within my teams. Many people believe that innovation is something restricted to the IT world. However, you just need to give them a little support and encourage them to dare and try something new. And I can assure you that the best ideas come from them!

DIVERSITY: my team is made up of 13 people from varied backgrounds, who are responsible for  topics as different as invoicing, internal auditing and management control.
But whatever the subject, I try to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to manage a project. This is a very rewarding experience that everyone should try at least once. And when some people discover their hidden talents, I find it really great, as a manager, to have contributed to that!

CHALLENGE: challenges are a constant feature of our work and regulations have a great impact on our activities. These regulations are changing all the time and we must always comply with them, which requires a great deal of work and commitment from everyone involved”.

3.    What gets you out of bed in the morning?

“I know that no two days will ever be alike. Each day brings new challenges but also sometimes problems to be solved, which means that I never get bored, with these problems covering a range of very different activities. I learn something new every day. I also enjoy the contact and the relationship with my co-workers”.

4.    Sébastien, what’s your motto, your philosophy?

“In life, there are no problems, only solutions” - André Gide

5.    What are your interests in life?

“My family of course! My kids are a bit “geeky” and are beginning to get ahead of me whether it’s on a gaming console or a PC.

Although slightly less high-tech, I also play the jazz guitar (badly!) and love fly-fishing. This activity helps me to unwind and discover some amazing landscapes I’d never have known existed!”.


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